ReClaim Midwifery and My Sister's Hand Doula Services 

We have found a great team in Sara and Francine of Reclaim Midwifery, and Lora of My Sister's Hand Doula Services to help guide the three of us through home birth. Little Bebe is looking forward to meeting you soon. 

As many of you know, health insurance doesn't really cover these types of services (midwifery care, doula services, birth tub rental etc.) and we'll be incurring a very large out-of-pocket expense to have a natural birth at home. 

Midwife: $6,000
Doula: $1,000
Birth tub: $250
Supply kit: $50
Placenta encapsulation: $250


Baby Blessing Cooking Parties

I've been very blessed to host these cooking parties for clients and friends over the years; they're a blast! New mamas like me enjoy the company and loving hands of our friends who come together to cook and package nourishing meals for healing during birth and postpartum. Plus, everyone in the kitchen is having fun and telling stories and making great memories all while learning new kitchen skills. 

Some of you are donating your time for the Baby Blessing Cooking Parties. Thank you!

Everyone else, we'd love your help with the cost of ingredients for our nutrient-dense menus. 

Cost of Ingredients: $400/party (x2) 


Postpartum Healing & Support Services

Help Angie bounce back quickly after the birth with some of her favorite support services.

If you are a health care practitioner or body worker yourself and would like to gift us with your amazing services directly, please let us know.  

Cloth Diapering Supplies


Acupuncture / Cupping / Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbs

$75 - $100/treatment - Chinese herbal remedies vary based on what is needed

Lactation Consultancy Services & Breastpumping Rental / Supplies

$75 - $100/treatment - Remedies vary based on what is needed

Postpartum Pelvic Physical Therapy & Massage 

$75 - $150/treatment with Dr. Elizabeth Miracle of Miracle Physical Therapy

House Cleaning


doTERRA Essential Oils

Birth Astrology Reading



A Prayer for Birth

A no-cost donation of your heart! 

From Angie: 

"I started A Prayer for Birth through MamaKai to bring a closer awareness to our greater community that birth is happening all around us and it's a very powerful and transformative time for all growing families.

I think it's important for all of us to connect to those whom we love while they are going through their birth story and support them with our loving intentions." 

We'd love love love to receive your prayers and intentions when we go into labor (late October / early November) for our own safe passage to the other side with babe in arms! 

Add your name to our personal list (not MamaKai's full list) and we'll notify you (through email and/or text) when we go into labor so you can hold us close in your hearts!

Something Handmade

We love things that are made by your own hands and heart, and Bébé will too.  

We particularly love things made with found objects from nature, wood, organic cottons or raw wools, unique papers, etc. (Please no plastics, paints or chemicals)

Here are some fun ideas:

  • birth art or totems
  • poems, stories, quotes, prayers, photos, smudge sticks, candles
  • knit, sewn or felted: baby clothes, hats, blankets, booties, leg-warmers
  • stuffed dolls or wooden toys, artwork for Bébé's space
  • etc.

We can't wait to see what you come up with.